Our New Location

While the Cannon Community Center goes through roof repairs, the Cannon Falls School of Dance has relocated to the classroom part of the building.  We would like to take you on a tour.


This is the new entry door.  With the classrooms connected, you can enter without actually having to go in the building.  If needed, we do have access to bathrooms in the building.


The place where our dancers can change their shoes, hang up their coats and place their water bottles while reading inspiration quotes.


Do you have some items to sell?  We have table space available for you.  Just place the item in a plastic with amount requested and envelope for payment.


We are keeping photos from each recital group.  This was beautifully made on this mirror frame and painted to match.  Once we move back to the old location, we will find a great spot for photos where you can look back and see the growth of the dancers. It will travel with us to various promotional events.


Our feedback box.  This is where you can leave comments, ideas or concerns to make this the best school possible.  There’s also a donated DVD player in picture.  Hopefully, we can find use for it the future.



There’s a spot to catch up with other parents or bring a laptop and do some work, read and more.  It’s big space.  However, we recommend the bigger chairs for the adults.


Our welcome bulletin board.  Always check it for the latest news and events.  Plus, there’s a mirror to fix the your dancer’s bun before class.


The dance studio.  These are supplies for the strength and conditioning class.  It’s a highly recommended and popular class at our school.


The world culture dance class uses this map to show what part of the world where the origin of each dance originates.


Overview of the dance area.


The storage area is in third classroom where our previous props, costumes and supplies are safely kept.

img_2377Thank you for taking this tour and classes with our school.  We appreciate each and everyone of you!!!


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