Incredible Day at Twin Rivers

One of the things our dancers love is to perform and put a smile on everyone’s face.  We are very involved in the community and like to bring joy to others.  Our World Dance class recently had the opportunity to showcase their dances to the residents of Twin Rivers campus in Cannon Falls.

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Chinese New Year Event

Thank you to everyone that attended and made it possible, the Cannon Falls School of Dance performance at the Cannon Falls Library.  We truly appreciate all of community support.


We had great time performing this special dance and learning about Chinese New Year traditions.  Thanks for all the positive feedback; and everyone that attended from the public to our parents and families.  Our World Dance class explores this and many other special dances throughout the school year.


What makes Cannon Falls School of Dance different?

We focus on challenging students and working with them to reach their goals.  Each dancer receive report cards so they know their progress (if the parents want to share).  It’s not about a performance or recital but dance skill development with a ballet focus. 

These photos are from the PBT exercise which helps for better turns and arm strength. They wore these for 20 minutes.

Deck The Falls 2018

Thank you for all that came out for this 23rd annual event in Cannon Falls.  This marks our 3rd year on the Nutcracker float.


At the studio, we are ready to go outside and on the float.


There were 23 floats for this evening parade.


The sun is going down – so it’s getting close to start.  It’s very exciting and fun event for everyone from the parents, dancers and the community.


Local newspaper coverage of the float.

Deck The Falls 2017

Thank you for all that came out for this annual event in Cannon Falls.


Over 200 flyers hand delivery during the parade


From inside Hi-Quality Bakery


More from inside the bakery


Photo opportunity with the Rat King and Sugar Plum


40 degrees at the start of the parade


Nutcracker float with the Party Parents


The Float is ready to go!


Deck The Falls – November 25, 2017

Join us at the Hi-Quality Bakery during the Deck The Falls celebration in Cannon Falls on November 25th.

*From 9-11 a.m. Meet cast members Dossselmeyer & Nutcracker.  Tickets for the December 16th & 17th will be available just $10 for adults and $6 for seniors and students.

*From 2-4 p.m. Meet cast members Sugar Plum & Rat King.  Both times are great opportunties for photos and fun while enjoy a delicious treat from Hi-Quality Bakery.


Other events from the this amazing small town celebration are listed in this Beacon front page story below.  We will be on the Nutcracker float during the annual parade at 5 p.m.  Best of all…you will have a chance to win free pair of tickets to the Cannon Falls show on December 17th during the MUST BE PRESENT drawing with a total of $800 prizes from local area businesses.


World Dance Class

One of our special classes is World Dance on Monday nights. In the two months that class has been in session, they learned four dances and a choreographed warm up.

Also a German Polka, French Folk, Polish, and even Swedish dances have been a part of this class. Our creative director picks dances based upon the family history of the students. It’s a way of connecting the heritage in dance.

This is one of the ways that makes Cannon Falls School of Dance unique and a very important part of the community.