Our Talented Staff

Dance Instructors

Jessica Meuring

Jessica is not only a senior student, but also instructs in ballet, tap, jazz and our Faith & Dance class. She brings a love of dance and children to the studio that will have your young dancers looking forward to each class!

Maggie Culp

Maggie is an experienced dance instructor with over 22 years of dance instruction experience and 16 years as a professional dancer.  She has studied dance in Missouri, Boston, Iowa, Chicago, Kansas, New York, Florida and Las Vegas, both as a teacher and as a performer.  She has extensive experience in ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, musical theatre, and more! She has won awards for her choreography, toured the US, has her own dance company M-SHE Productions, and judges competitions. Maggie likes to work with each dancer, help them discover the Artist that they are and bring that energy and light to the dance floor.  She teaches our upper level classes and we are so glad to have her on our team!