Tell Me A Story: Family Concert (Backstage Photos)

We had two incredible performances with the CVRO for the Tell Me Story Concert.  In this photo set, we gathered some “rare” and “behind the scenes” shots that you couldn’t see on stage.


Every dancer needs to warm-up before a performance.  The ballerinas used this portable barre in the locker room making sure they were “ready-to-go”.


Pictured Board President Sara, holding the masks made by the students of Brett Zimmerman’s Cannon Falls Middle School art class.  Also, Ashley and the cast of Peter & The Wolf going over last minute details before taking the stage with the CVRO (live orchestra).


Time for some smiles and relaxing before the first performance at the Northfield Middle School.


The snack bar available for the ballerinas before the Cannon Falls performance.


Catching the creative idea exchange between Ashley and Phillip (grandfather and narrator) in the Cannon Falls music room.

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