Photos from the Full Dress Rehearsal for Tell Me Story: Family Concert


Ashley, Anna and Cassidy doing “a walk through” without any music.


Anna making sure the branch is sturdy.  We will paint the base black for the performances so it blends in with the stage.


Our duck, Meagan, testing out the pool so that it’s the right height and size.


In this scene, our bird (Frannie) and duck (Meagan) talked about who has it better…someone that can fly or swim.


Our cat, Vanessa, tries to sneak up and catch the bird.


Now, enters the wolf (Cassidy) ready to cause trouble while the cat, Peter and the bird find safety in the tree.


Watch out wolf!  Here comes the huntsman (Meagan)!!


These scenes are more will be on display Sunday March 6th  3 p.m. (Cannon Falls High School Auditorium).  It will be a great – can’t miss family concert.

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