2019-2020 Fall Class Schedule

Fall Class Information:

Our Fall schedule was presented on May 24, 2019 (updated September 13th).  It is subject to change if student interests aren’t as expected. Classes must meet a minimum number.  Also, we may be adding classes due to increased demand.  Classes can’t be larger than eight students for proper attention and growth in dance skills.  Also, register on the bottom of this link.

Pre-Ballet II Discovering Dance (A) Jazz II Tap I
3:35-4:05 3:35-4:05 3:30-4:15 3:30-4:00
*full class
Ballet II Ballet I Ballet III/IV Creative Movement (A)
4:10-5:10 4:10-4:55 4:20-5:20 4:05-4:35
World Dance Discovering Dance (B) Jazz I Creative Movement (B)
5:15-5:45 5:15-5:45 5:25-5:55 4:40-5:10
Ballet III Jazz IV Tap III Tap IV
5:50 – 6:50 5:50-6:35 6:00-6:45 5:15 – 6:00
Ballet IV Ballet V/VI Character Private Lessons Jazz III
6:55-8:25 6:40-8:25 6:50 + 6:05-6:50
Tap V
Ballet V/VI
Ballet III & IV Ballet will need to also take Ballet III/IV on Wednesday.
Please return this form with the Annual Family Registration Fee of $30.  Classes are based on a Dance Season of September 3rd -May 16th and includes costume fees. Class uniforms (dance attire) are required but not included in class costs.
Ballet V & VI Ballet need to also take Ballet V/VI on Thursday
Pointe students need to take Ballet VI, Thursday Ballet V/VI and Pointe.
*You may still register for a full class.  However, you will be put on a waiting list in case of cancellation and/or we may add the another Jazz II class to the schedule.
$33.33 per month $47.22 per month $61.11 per month $94.44 per month
Creative Movement Tap II Ballet II Ballet IV
Discovering Dance Tap III Ballet III Ballet V/VI Character
Pre Ballet II Tap IV Ballet III/IV
Pointe Tap V Ballet V/VI
World Dance Jazz II
Tap I Jazz III
Jazz I Jazz IV
Ballet I

REGISTER ON-LINE HERE:  Click SUBMIT at the bottom



Please mail your Check, made out to CFSoD to:

Cannon Falls School of Dance

P.O. Box 182

Cannon Falls, MN 55009


3 thoughts on “2019-2020 Fall Class Schedule

  1. Can you clarify how much to make the check out for, please? Is it for $30 and then make monthly payments for the classes? Thank you.


    • Alisha,
      Will be taking fall registrations for all dance classes, in a few weeks. On May 18th we have our spring production at 3:00, at the Cannon Falls Highschool Auditorium. We will have registration forms available there. After that date will also have it posted on the website.


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