Frequently Asked Questions

Classes & Registration

At what age can I enroll my child?

Our program offers classes for students ages 3-18. We believe the best time to start dance is unique for each child. Some may thrive in the structured setting of a ballet class at a very young age, and others may need to step into dance at a later time. Our classes will develop your child’s gross motor skills, balance, coordination, and artistry. These are not pre-requisites for entering our program. Your child should have a desire to attend class and enjoy learning.

Our Summer classes are a great opportunity to give dance a try and determine whether a year-long class might be a good fit. Students will receive an evaluation and recommendation on Fall classes. We hope your dancers will be able to join us and bring a friend along to try out your class.

Cannon Falls School of Dance desires to bring classical ballet and other genres of dance to the surrounding area. While our program is structured in levels that progress as students grow and develop their skills, we do not wish for students to feel they’ve missed the opportunity to engage our program. If your dancer wishes to take class without any prior formal training, we require an evaluation from one of our instructors. The instructor will be able to assess your child’s skills, make recommendations for classes and/or private lessons, and develop a plan to accelerate the learning process. Our goal is to make sure dancers feel confident and capable in the material being taught in class, and want to partner with families to accomplish this goal.

What does a typical dance season look like?

Our dance season begins in September and runs through May, ending with our Spring Showcase. We will spend the Fall building technique by practicing skills at the barre, across the floor, and in center. Our instructors like to incorporate games and class challenges into their teaching styles to keep students motivated and engaged. Often in the fall, our dancers will learn a dance to a Christmas song that parents will get the chance to watch. Upon our return from Winter Break, students will begin learning their Spring Showcase dance. This dance will be performed during our show in May.

Registration for our Fall 2022-2023 season ends October 31st, 2021. Students’ costumes will be ordered during the middle of November to ensure they are distributed in time for our Picture Day and Spring Showcase.


When can I go en pointe?

Pointe work is for the most experienced dancers. When you have achieved top skills in Ballet, you will be allowed to go en pointe. This is intended for your safety and success.

  • Must be 13 years old or greater, so as not to stunt a dancer’s foot growth.
  • Must take at least two ballet classes a week and be in our Level 5 or greater, as a great deal of ballet technique is required to maintain the proper skills to dance en pointe.
  • Must pass Instructor’s evaluation prior to going en pointe. This evaluation will assess your strength, flexibility, and range of motion.
  • Must go with Instructor to get her first shoes!

Should you not be prepared for pointe at the end of your evaluation, the instructor will develop a personalized plan with you and your family to help you achieve your goal of dancing en pointe. Evaluations may be rescheduled after a reasonable amount of time has passed since the previous assessment.

Safety Protocols

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How will state safety guidelines affect my child’s dance class?

Our board has taken several measures to ensure that your dancer feels comfortable and safe while dancing with Cannon Falls School of Dance. We recently replaced our dance floor with new vinyl marley enriched with BIO COTE antimicrobial protection. This allows our floors to last longer, and lessen the spread of germs. Furthermore, we invested in a HEPA air purification system, as well as a hand sanitizing station. We feel these items can give families peace of mind when entering our studio space. Our policies will continue to reflect that of the school district.