When can I enroll my child?

Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet: Ages 3-6

Level 1 (Both Ballet and Tap classes): Ages 7+

We do not begin technique training prior to age 7 years old. The primary reason for this is safety. Children prior to this age still have soft bones and if they try something too advanced for fun they could stunt their growth. The other main reason we do not allow children younger than 7 to train in technique classes is because it takes a great deal of focus and patience to learn even the basic movements properly. It’s a great diservice to the child to teach steps incorrectly due to age limitations then have to spend years later trying to fix them. We want your child to have a positive experience and not think some steps are too challenging get frustrated and then quit.

Is my child ready for a Creative Movement or Pre-Ballet class?

We invite children younger than 7 to take our Creative Movement (3-4 year olds) and Pre-Ballet (5-6 year olds) classes. These classes are about developing fine and gross motor skills through dance exploration. Some key indicators to see if your child is ready for one of these classes are:
– Attention span/focus – Our classes run 30 minutes
– Ability to follow directions & wait their turn
– Ability to balance – A big indicator for 3 year olds is, can they hop on one foot for a short amount of time? (2-4 hops)
– Ability to be away from parent
Cut off dates: Students need to be the minimum age requirement prior to classes starting in September. We understand that there is a grey area and some students mature faster but have an early fall birthday. We will handle these situations on a case by case basis. The last day to enroll in classes and still be eligible for the end of year recital is October 31st.



When can I go en pointe?

Pointe work is for the most experienced dancers. Only when you have achieved top skills in Ballet will you be allowed to go en pointe. Many other studios will allow students to go en pointe prematurely however we follow the following guidelines to ensure safety of dancers.

  • Must be 13 years old or greater.

Reasoning- Feet stop growing around age 13 and going en pointe sooner can stunt students’ growth.  Russian students go up en pointe at 12 years old but they also dance five nights a week. We don’t have that option yet so it’s just not safe.

  • Must take at least two ballet classes a week (Three times is preferred) and be in our Level 5 or greater.

 Reasoning- Muscles lose their memory after two days of inactivity.

  • Must take pre-pointe class with Madame Ashley prior to going en pointe.

 Disclaimer- How many classes a student needs is based individually.  It generally takes six months to a year of pre-pointe training to be strong enough to advance. For example, if the student has flat feet, it will take longer than a student with perfect arches to develop her feet.

  • There are tests to pass on strength, flexibility and range of motion.
  • Must go with Madame Ashley to get her first shoes!

   Reasoning- Going en pointe is something that is earned by elite dancers who have very good technique. It is a fun experience that should be celebrated. Also, I want to make sure they are fit properly. When shoes aren’t fit properly dancers develop bunions, sores and other injuries. There is no excuse to go through pain because shoes don’t fit correctly.


Do you offer adult classes?

No.  Although we don’t offer adult dance classes, there are plenty of ways you can help.  You can serve on the board in various positions, roles and duties.  We are always looking for help with productions from building props to costumes design and more.  As a 501(c) non-profit, we are always looking any financial support – no amount is too small.  You can always participate in our Scrips program, where you buy a gift card with a rebate.  This rebate amount can go directly back to the school to fund our operations.