Beginner Ballroom Dance Class Reviews

From January 5th through February 10th, 2017, the Cannon Falls School of Dance offered its very first class geared towards adults, Beginner Ballroom Dance.

Now, the reviews are in and here are the comments from the dancers:

“(I enjoyed the) small group setting, relaxed setting and (the) great teacher.” 

“I really enjoyed Swing.”

“(I liked) learning the dance moves – the variety.”

“Extend class to one hour instead of 45 minutes.”

“(I enjoyed) learning some dance moves.  (It was) a fun group of folks and sweet teacher!”

“I just went really fast…the class and the weeks. :)”

“(I really liked) learning new moves for specific dances.”

“(I enjoyed) getting out as a couple.”

“It was a joy to spend this time learning to dance.  So fun!  Thank you!”

“Very fun Thursday evenings out!  Thanks for the lessons!”

“(Madame Ashley), We had so much fun with you!  You did great!”

Our goal is to keep the class small no more than 12 dancers and possibly expand to one-hour to cover even more dances the next time we offer the class.  Like us on Facebook keep watching our website for updates and the next can’t miss opportunity to learn Ballroom Dance.

Plus, we want to send a special “thank you” to everyone the sign-up for the class.  We really appreciate your support.  Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us and thanks again!



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