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Fun & Educational Field Trip

16991633_771866409639154_3088024691745469281_oIn addition to confidence building classes and live performances, the Cannon Falls School of Dance offers field trips for budding dancers to observe professional performances and see first-hand other dance organizations in work.

The school’s World Culture class attended the Carpathian Festival on February 19th at the historic Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul. The attendees from Cannon Falls described the experience as “fun but educational”.

The festival had six hours of performances featuring 10 different cultures ranging from Polish, Jewish, and Romanian. It included a combination of folk tale re-enactments, music performances, dance instruction, interactive areas and even puppet shows.

There were information booths where students could inquire even further about the custom and traditions of dance with each culture represented. This was an opportunity for local dancers to pursue even further knowledge what they have learned in the class with a fun filled environment.

There will be another summer class and the full-year course available later this year at Cannon Falls School of Dance with plans to attend next year’s Festival. The Ethnic Dance Theatre (EDT) is responsible for organizing the event in addition to as many as 30 programs annual.

They believe that ethnic music and dance are true affirmations of human artistic expression. Through performances, there’s acknowledgment of the inherent beauty and dignity of all peoples.





Beginner Ballroom Dance Class Reviews

From January 5th through February 10th, 2017, the Cannon Falls School of Dance offered its very first class geared towards adults, Beginner Ballroom Dance.

Now, the reviews are in and here are the comments from the dancers:

“(I enjoyed the) small group setting, relaxed setting and (the) great teacher.” 

“I really enjoyed Swing.”

“(I liked) learning the dance moves – the variety.”

“Extend class to one hour instead of 45 minutes.”

“(I enjoyed) learning some dance moves.  (It was) a fun group of folks and sweet teacher!”

“I just went really fast…the class and the weeks. :)”

“(I really liked) learning new moves for specific dances.”

“(I enjoyed) getting out as a couple.”

“It was a joy to spend this time learning to dance.  So fun!  Thank you!”

“Very fun Thursday evenings out!  Thanks for the lessons!”

“(Madame Ashley), We had so much fun with you!  You did great!”

Our goal is to keep the class small no more than 12 dancers and possibly expand to one-hour to cover even more dances the next time we offer the class.  Like us on Facebook keep watching our website for updates and the next can’t miss opportunity to learn Ballroom Dance.

Plus, we want to send a special “thank you” to everyone the sign-up for the class.  We really appreciate your support.  Your feedback and suggestions are very important to us and thanks again!


Community Performance Troupe – January 2017

We had a great opportunity to perform at Twin Rivers campus in Cannon Falls on January 30th.  With the addition of one more member, we are up to five wonderful dancers in our troupe.  Thank you to all the parents that made this possible.  It was a great show!

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