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Why Join Dance?

One of the parents shared these four pictures from our first recital with us and we couldn’t stop and think these pictures tell the story of why you should join dance.

Ballet 011

From our Level 1 dancers…you learn stage presence, being comfortable in front of crowds and performance skills.  These are skills that last a lifetime.

Ballet 018

Friendships…It’s tough to feel that you fit in at school during your growing years.  The friendships through dance can last a long time.  The level of fun spent with friends at dance can’t be duplicated.

Ballet 019

Poise, grace and self-confidence…through hours of practice and making sure you look great on stage, you will leave the stage knowing that you are beautiful, talented and are a specially gifted person.

Ballet 023

Changing your attitude from “I can’t do that!” into “If I work really hard, I can do this!”  We have seen our dancers grow throughout the years learning pointe and being able to do the splits and more when they first started it seemed like a pipe dream of something that never could be…today, it’s something they achieved by dancing.

Our school’s first field trip June 2016

We decided to ask our parents and students if they would want to go to see a live ballet production in St. Paul.  Here’s the photos from the event with the highlight being a bicycle in the show.  Yes, you can ride a bicycle during a ballet production.  The response was very positive from everyone that attended.  You learn so much seeing others in the same field and grow as a dancer watching what others do.

Fun Fest June 2, 2016 Photos

We had a great time meeting new and old faces at the area Fun Fest.  Please keep in-touch and contact us with any questions.  Our dancers had a chance to show the hard work of the their classes.  Our next performance will be at the July 1st Fun Fest.  Our first summer class starts soon June 28th.  Yes, there’s still time to register and be involved with our school.

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